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Labour still only £12 per hour..

My hourly rate is still only £12 per hour (min labour charge £25)
plus any materials used and a charge (at cost price) for diesel.

Landlord Work also carried out.

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I'm Chris, your friendly, Local Home Decorator ... My goal is to work to the same standard as I would expect someone to work in my own property and to produce a high quality finish at a competitive price.
I can either charge by the hour or give you a fixed price for your home decorating job. If at the end of the job, my hourly rate works out to be cheaper than the quoted price, then I'm happy to only charge you for the costs at the rates listed above, so you as the customer will always get the best possible cost!

 I started Carmarthen Home Painting & Decorating in July 2009 when I moved to Carmarthenshire, although I have been a Painter & Decorator plus handyman for more than 30 years.  I carry out a full range of Home decorating services, through to general household maintenance – fitting curtain poles/hanging curtains, shelving, assembling flat pack furniture, UPVC Window & Door repairs .... well the list is nearly endless.


Listed below is a rough guide to the work carried out
when decorating a typical size room...

Curtains, Curtain rails/poles and pictures would be removed.
Furniture, carpets and window sills covered with protective dust sheets .
Fittings masked.
Cracks and holes in the ceiling/coving, walls and around the skirtings and
door frame filled.
Ceiling and coving painted with Emulsion paint (Normally 1 coat is sufficient).
All Woodwork rubbed down and cleaned.
Walls painted with Emulsion, (normally one coat is sufficient, but may require a
second coat depending on coverage and original colour used on the wall, extra costs would apply).
Paint a second coat of Emulsion (if required, but not in the costs below).
All Woodwork painted with Gloss paint.
Dust sheets and masking removed.
Curtains rails/poles, curtains and pictures re-instated, clean up and hoover as required.

A typical size room of approximately 3m x 4m. The estimated cost is around
£220-£240 (depending on your requirements), and how much preparation work
is required.

The estimated costs above are based on 1 coat of emulsion on ceiling/coving and walls, plus glossing all woodwork. Materials not included.

If the home decorators task that you require isn't listed,
it doesn't mean that I can't do it.... just ask, I can probably help !!


For a list of Handyman tasks visit....

"CarmarthenHandyman Website"

Clean and Professional home decorating service at all times ..
I will carry out the decorating job you require, in a timely and efficient manner.
I even clear up thoroughly when the job is done!

Call Chris:-
01267 253731 / 07952 578224.
Your friendly local home Painter & Decorator plus Handyman

 With over 30 years' of time served experience in
all aspects of painting & decorating and Handyman tasks.

You can also
Email or Text me and I'll ring you back.

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